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Moment, emotion, glance- the reportage filmmaker captures the "transience of being", mood and atmosphere.
Reportage- is life itself
My goal as a filmmaker is not to create the perfect picture, but to catch it on the fly. To get a good reportage wedding film, you need to relax and generally forget that there is a filmmaker nearby. Have fun and do what you love!
interesting factS!
We keep all the content from your wedding for 5 years. Therefore, if you would like to order an additional extended archival video in a couple of years after the wedding - no problem! We can do it.
I make notes of all wishes and questions that a couple has. We discussed all the concerns and risks, that can develop in the wedding preparation process. I take an interest in which exact video inspired a couple to choose me.
Some people prefer to have classic shots in their video, such as a bride walking down to the altar, hardly holding back her tears, and her husband-to-be is waiting for her, or the first dance and cutting a wedding cake. Other people might be in love with reportage style. It doesn’t have any regulations and everything is more laid-back. All the weddings are different! I make sure to ask a couple about what style would fit them most.
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